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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      November 30, 2017
Quality Payment Programs in 2018: Medicare, MA Plans and Medicaid
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  "There's been a strong trend for health organizations to want to broaden their footprint, especially on the part of insurers to get more direct contact with the individual." 

-Dr. John W. Rowe, Professor of Health Policy, Columbia University
  Nationally, the average lowest-price bronze plan increased from about $250 in 2017 to about $300 in 2018, and the average percent increase was about 20 percent. The monthly premium for a 27-year old for the least expensive bronze plan in the most expensive 15 states exceeds $335, which is the threshold for an affordability exemption from the individual mandate for someone with an income of $50,000. In the five most expensive states the least expensive premium exceeds $403, the threshold for an exemption for those with an income of $60,000. Approximately 20 percent of the unsubsidized will face premiums for the lowest cost bronze that exceed $335. In the cheapest nine states, the lowest price bronze plan costs less than $225. Ten states had an increase of less than 5 percent in their cheapest bronze plan. More than one-third of the unsubsidized will be able to buy a plan for less than $250 per month.

Source: Marketplace Pulse: The Unsubsidized Will Always Be With Us
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