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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      September 20, 2018
Payers and Providers - How to Create a Win/Win With Critical Data
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  "Instead of forcing people to continue to battle complexity, payers can invest in simplifying the ways consumers interact and engage with healthcare. Because itís not Americans who are failing in healthcare system literacy. Itís the complexity of the system thatís failing them."   
-Jean-Pierre Stephan, Managing Director of CRM solutions, Accenture
"Community engagement" policies -- or work requirements -- for Medicaid would result in narrow savings if correctly applied. If work requirements were instituted nationwide, 2.8% of enrollees would no longer be eligible for coverage, representing roughly 0.7% in total Medicaid spending. In addition, in non-expansion states that applied for these waivers, potential savings were estimated to be less than 0.1% of Medicaid spending.

Source: Medicaid Work Requirements Would Net 1% in Savings, MedPage Today
  Senators Unveil Legislation To Protect Patients Against Surprise Medical Bills
Kaiser Health News, September 19, 2018

Medicare-Medicaid Dual Eligible Care Models Aim to Coordinate Care
Health Payer Intelligence, September 18, 2018

Does investing in pop health and social determinants work?
Healthcare Finance, September 18, 2018

Cigna deal gets antitrust nod, positive sign for CVS/Aetna
Reuters, September 17, 2018

Challenge to short-term plans joins chorus of ACA lawsuits
Healthcare Dive, September 17, 2018

Prices Soar for Hospital Drugs After Shortages Hit, Study Finds
Bloomberg, September 17, 2018

New Medicare Advantage Tool To Lower Drug Prices Crimps Patientsí Choices
Kaiser Health News, September 17, 2018

Low Health Literacy Costly for Payers, Health Plan Simplification Needed
Patient Engagement HIT, September 13, 2018

Stakeholders join to find ways to improve medical diagnoses
Health Data Management, September 13, 2018

Cigna Starts $250 Million Venture Fund to Make Health-Care Bets
Bloomberg, September 12, 2018

Census: Uninsured rate held steady in 2017, with 28.5M lacking coverage
The Hill, September 12, 2018

CBO: House GOP bill delaying key parts of ObamaCare will cost over $50 billion
The Hill, September 11, 2018
  Safe & Affordable Housing: Social Determinants of Health
AHIP, September 13, 2018

What We Donít Know About Bernieís Favorite Healthcare Idea
Politico, September 12, 2018

Health System Operating Margins Dropped 39% Post-ACA Coverage Expansion
Navigant, September 12, 2018

Addressing the Nationís Primary Care Shortage
UnitedHealth Group, September 12, 2018

If You Donít Believe Single Payer Can Work, See How They Do It In Taiwan
Huffington Post, September 8, 2018 
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1. Incomplete communication during care transitions
2. Lack of measures and feedback
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