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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      September 7, 2017

Value Based Rx Contracting Tactics and Techniques

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  "If you want to reshape your state health insurance market, youíve got to be able to grab onto the employer market or Medicare, and you canít [using waiver procedure]" 

-Nicholas Bagley, Health Law Professor, University of Michigan
  A recent survey by Integra Connect of 800 U.S. specialty physicians found that 100% of respondents do not yet fully understand MACRA's impact on their practices. 71% of respondents said, "I am learning but have a way to go." 56% of respondents seek to deliver cost savings under MACRA through practice transformation. 24% of respondents said they are unprepared and 40% said they are take a "do-it-yourself" approach.

Source: Integra Connect
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  Calendarís Turn Brings New Congressional Approach To Health Reform
Health Affairs Blog, September 6, 2017

If prices are hidden, consumers canít take responsibility for health care costs
Stat News, September 5, 2017
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Transformational Health Care Reform: Blueprint for America   Transformational Health Care Reform: Blueprint for America

The American health care system is on an unsustainable path characterized by government-dominated insurance. Fixing health care begins with changing the incentives and empowering consumers to seek value with their money, while increasing competition among providers. Reforming Medicaid, Medicare, access to HSAs, and private insurance will improve access, choice, and quality of health care.

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  PPP: Poll on the Public's Current Position on Healthcare

1. 25% of voters support the recent health care bill proposed by congress
2. 57% who disapprove of the recent health care bill proposed by congress
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Source: ACA Times
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