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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      July 12, 2018
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  ďThe quickest way to get a bang for your buck in cost control in health care is for purchasers of care to negotiate better prices, and thatís what limits them in local markets ó they donít have enough purchasing power. If you canít negotiate better prices, the alternative is to send your consumers to places that charge lower prices.Ē
- David Blumenthal, President, Commonwealth Fund
  In July 2017, 42,000 people in 61 counties were at risk of having no choice of insurance carriers for 2018. The number of carriers who filed to participate in the exchanges for 2018 dropped to 132, down from 167 a year earlier. For 2019, insurers are entering (or returning to) at least a dozen states, while others are expanding their presence in the states in which they operate.

Source: CNN: Insurers Aren't Running Scared from Obamacare Anymore
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Source: Stat News
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