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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      March 16, 2017

Synergies and Potential Opportunities

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  "The (AHCA)tax credits are less generous for people with incomes close to the Federal poverty level, and cost-sharing reductions for deductibles and copayments previously offered under the ACA would be repealed. The cost-sharing reductions alone constitute $4.9 billion per year or more that would be shifted to consumers." 

-Margaret A. Murray, CEO, Association for Community Affiliated Plans
  According to The Congressional Budget Office's estimate. The AHCA will cause a $337 billion reduction in the deficit, 24 million more people will be without insurance within a decade, 15-20% increase in 2018 premiums, $880 billion drop in federal Medicaid spending over the decade, 14 million fewer Medicaid enrollees by 2026, 95% of people who are getting Medicaid through expansion would lose it. 15% of Planned Parenthood clinic patients would "lose access to care."

Source: KHN, March, 2017
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Becker's Hospital Review, March 14, 2017
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The New York Times, March 13, 2017

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President Donald Trump Holds Health Care Listening Session   President Donald Trump Holds Health Care Listening Session

President Donald Trump holds a listening session on health care where the president will hear various opinions on the American Health Care Act. President Trump is holding a listening session with health care experts Monday. Their meeting begins at 11 a.m.

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  Politico: 5 Highlights from CBO's Report on AHCA

1. Trump voters would take a hit
2. Medicaid bears the brunt of the cuts
3. Continue reading here

Source: Politico
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