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Health Change Bulletin                                                                      February 23, 2017

•	DST WP: Consolidating Data to Create a Foundation of Analytics for Revenue and Quality Management

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  "I think there’s going to be a competition for dollars between four things: infrastructure, defense, healthcare and interest. Which of that gets cut back? That will be a political debate." 

-Mike Leavitt, Founder & Chairman, Leavitt Partners and Former Secretary, Health and Human Services 
  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released proposed changes to MA rates. The most signifcant factors affecting the MA program include. Health Insurance Tax(2.1% cut), Risk Adjustment(1.9% cut), and Employer Group Waiver Plans(Up to 0.20% program-wide; 1.25% cut)

Source: CMS, February, 2017
81% of U.S. healthcare organizations are increasing security spending this year
Healthcare IT News, February 23, 2017
  74% of PCPs Prefer Affordable Care Act Changes Over Repeal
HealthPayer Intelligence, February 23, 2017

  Leavitt: Reform healthcare payment while interest rates are low
MedCity News, February 23, 2017

New patient group focuses on drug prices amid bipartisan concern
USA Today, February 22, 2017

GOP healthcare plans push health savings account expansion
The Hill, February 22, 2017

GOP Fix To Insurance Markets Could Spike Premiums For Older Customers
Kaiser Health News, February 22, 2017

House, Justice Department ask for delay in ObamaCare lawsuit
The Hill, February 21, 2017

U.S. life expectancy will soon be on par with Mexico’s and the Czech Republic’s
The Washington Post, February 21, 2017

CMS nominee breezes through confirmation hearing
The Hill, February 16, 2017

Pre-ACA Market Practices Provide Lessons for ACA Replacement Approaches
Kaiser Family Foundation, February 16, 2017
  Why Are We Still Paying for Quantity—Not Quality?
Fortune, February 22, 2017
  Patient Freedom Act Looks Better As Other Reform Efforts Falter
Forbes, February 21, 2017
  Trump: Healthcare plan coming in March
Kaiser Health News,, February 23, 2017
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Moving from Healthcare Reform to the Renewal of Medicine   Moving from Healthcare Reform to the Renewal of Medicine

Despite the advances of medicine, patients experience healthcare as exorbitant and estranging. Physicians describe delivering healthcare as fatiguing and frustrating. Policymakers characterize healthcare as inefficient and ineffective.

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  8 Upcoming Healthcare Trends

1. Biosimilars
2. Consumer-directed health information exchange
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Source: Health Tech Zone
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